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DH—S Security Vehicle Solutions helps clients procure, operate and manage security vehicles in challenging, even hostile business environments.

We provide a range of services unique to security vehicles for a varied clientele, including government and non-government agencies, multinational corporations and private individuals.

Founded on solid credentials and proven expertise, we are an independent and impartial advisory and training company based in Singapore. While focusing on the Asia Pacific, Middle East and African regions, we have the agility and resources to operate wherever our services are required.
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As risks and threats evolve, especially where crime rates are rising due to widening income gaps, governments and corporations face an increasingly uphill task of providing people with the right equipment, vehicles, facilities and training to operate in adverse conditions.
As a trusted and unbiased partner, our aims are simple. We want to ensure that your people are transported in well-engineered security vehicles produced to your exacting specifications by manufacturers adhering to internationally recognised standards. Our stringent training programmes will ensure that your people are driven by drivers trained to the highest standards and are capable of operating under the most demanding conditions. Under our rigorous fleet management principles, these vehicles will also be proactively serviced and maintained.
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And we represent the very best in our respective fields. Our uniqueness lies in the quality of our advisors and instructors, the depth of our knowledge and ability to continually adapt ourselves and training methodologies. We understand the need for full discretion and are keenly aware of cultural and religious sensitivities. Fuelled by a desire to offer our clients and partners the best possible advice, tools and training, we prefer to stay in the background because that’s where we should be, letting our work speak for itself.
Using security vehicles in whatever capacity means operating in a security environment and this means drawing on driving and tactical instructors able to deliver real world experience, knowledge and a deep-seated understanding of the conditions and situations your personnel may be faced with. We operate with close associates and specialists, all proven individuals with years of experience gained from working with elite law enforcement and military units who all share two very specific skill sets; they have all worked in government close protection units at the highest levels and have a passion for teaching.

Our armouring advisors possess decades of intimate knowledge of the armouring industry, its products and certification processes. Our independence allows us to assess claims and capabilities that might otherwise be glossed over.
Douglas Hornell-Scott

Doug founded DH—S Security Vehicle Solutions in 2010 following a 10-year career with BMW overseeing its Security & Special Vehicle Division for Asia Pacific. He has been intimately involved with security vehicles for over 20 years, first as an operator with a government close-protection unit and then with a manufacturer, BMW AG. This exposure to both sides of the industry gives him a unique perspective and insight to the production and use of these vehicles.

Doug has advised governments, multinational corporations and private clients on all aspects relating to the procurement, acquisition, operation and use of security vehicles within a security environment. He has run extensive and bespoke security driver training courses in the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. He has been involved in the planning and provision of security vehicles for major Heads of Summit meetings in Asia Pacific, notably ASEAN, APEC, NAM, OIC and the World Bank / IMF.
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is everything.
Which is why we are so passionate about what we do, and never compromise on standards. We are deeply committed to the highest ethics, delivering our services with integrity at every turn. With an exclusive focus on security vehicles, we offer a holistic approach that starts with listening to and understanding your concerns and requirements, identifying the right vehicle platform and manufacturer through to designing driver training programmes and implementation. As every client’s requirements and concerns are different, we build our solutions from scratch to ensure they fit perfectly and sensibly to your needs.
Why do we have such a niche focus? In our line of work, we have met too many customers, companies and private individuals alike, who have not had access to the right kind of information, and often with disastrous results; improperly built vehicles, vehicles delivered and found not fit for purpose, drivers not familiar with either vehicles or the equipment fitted – the list is endless. Without the benefit of an in-depth industry knowledge that goes beyond a sales brochure, clients are exposed to claims and assurances which can be difficult to verify.

Clients want safe, well-made and reliable equipment designed to handle demanding and dangerous conditions. We aim to share our extensive knowledge and provide training and educational tools which you can use to improve your operations.

Our services include:

— Security vehicle consulting

— Tactical and security driver training

— Defensive driver training for
     corporations and embassies

— Security vehicle fleet management

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